About Us

Who We Are

Founded almost 15 years ago, DPA offers cutting-edge expertise in strategic consulting for the relocation and optimization of corporate work environments, site location, lease management and real estate development.

DPA works mainly in the areas of office space and industrial spaces. Beyond the intervention of traditional real estate brokerage, articulating solely around the realization of a real estate transaction, our participation is accomplished as a guardian of the best interests of the customer that we represent exclusively and considering all issues of a relocation process.

Our clients are very often dynamic, innovative and active SME’s in all sectors of the economy, many in the technology and agri-food sectors.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henri Ford

Advisory Approach

Enlightened synergy is an essential element. We always start by getting to know the reality of our customers in order to establish the issues and relevance of working together.

Our mission is to understand the structure, operations, growth ambitions, long-term goals and, most importantly, the challenges the company faces to succeed.

We study both the strategy and communication deployed by the executive as well as the needs and attitudes of managers and employees to achieve their goals. This process of analysis allows us to better understand the key objectives and to identify the optimal layouts of the different workspaces that will best respond to them.

Setting priorities and timelines will allow us to identify the resources needed and deliverable to minimize your risks and maximize your growth and efficiency potential.

Strategy and Optimization

We propose to make your real estate budget a strategic tool that coincides with your business development goals and effectively supports your recruitment and retention targets, operational flexibility, efficiency and corporate image.

The budget allocated by a company to real estate is usually the second or third largest budget item, usually close to investments in technology but far behind human resources investments. This is why the strategies we propose always aim to maximize the return on Human Resources investment.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

“It is not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin


We seek to establish complicity, chemistry and the desire to work together, so that the results are only better.

We value the human aspect, the respect of your reality, your skills, your choices and your aspirations so that the final project matches you.

We listen well and make sure we maintain our creative mindset.

Frequently Asked Questions


Since its beginning, DPA worked with passion to obtain the best results for its clients.

We guide our clients toward the most pertinent real estate solution given their unique situation, acting as advisors and brokers as we detain the necessary qualifications to execute a real estate transaction.

Our traditional activity is in the field of commercial real estate, including offices, warehouse, industrial and retail spaces.

We also have the ability to practice in the residential real estate sector.

Space search is one of the many facets of our expertise. We practice it after making sure we completely comprehend our client’s objectives.
Negotiating a lease renewal is part of our practice. We supply our client with pertinent, up to date data regarding the market and we determine the best possible negotiation strategy.

At the outset of each mission, we estimate the workload involved et we discuss it with our client. Depending upon the size and scope of the project, the standard brokerage fee paid by the landlord or the seller usually covers our fee, meaning our client has no disbursement to consider. In specific situations, we can as well work on an hourly or flat rate basis.